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With more than 140 drinks, It’s Boba Time is a place where everyone in your party can enjoy the drink they love!

It All Started With A Simple Love

It’s Boba Time began with a simple love of boba. We enjoyed it every day and began to feel that we could make it even better. In 2003, we started with a menu of 40 drinks; today, we have over 140 menu items, and we continue to create new items every year.

Expect More Than Boba

We use fresh fruits in our smoothies and slushes, and all of our drinks are made-to-order. You can customize each treat with real fruit and popular toppings—so you can add boba in whatever you choose, including smoothies, slushes, coffees, juices, milk teas, shaved ice, milk fluff, and even in frozen yogurt. We have a variety of different drinks and desserts that can be enjoyed by all ages!

Spreading The Love All Over LA

Our team members work together to give quick and excellent service to our guests. Most of all, we want to make sure that every sip and scoop is absolutely delectable!

We have become the most famous boba shop in the Los Angeles area, attracting an average of 1,000 people a day at our most popular locations.


Join us, boba lovers!

We’re located all over Los Angeles and currently expanding into other regions in Southern California. Through a meticulous and thorough process, we ensure the quality of our wide-ranging menus is kept consistent in every location. Want to join us to spread the love for delectable boba drinks in your region?